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Ethelbert The Tiger - Travelling Tails
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Based on the classic books by Rosemary Hoyland, Ethelbert the Tiger tells of the adventures of a fun-loving tiger cub who lives happily in the jungle with his family and his human friend, the wise and mystic Dilip.One of Dilip's greatest discoveries is the Magic Waterfall that enables him and Ethelbert to be transported anywhere in the world on extraordinary adventures.Join Ethelbert and Dilip as they meet Kangaroos in Australia, Polar Bears in the Arctic and a family of Hippos in Africa...Ten exciting episodes:Ethelbert and the ChameleonEthelbert and the Polar BearEthelbert and the Hermit CrabEthelbert and the KangaroosEthelbert and the PlatypusEthelbert and the Brown BearEthelbert and the HippopotamusEthelbert and the GorillaEthelbert and the GiraffeEthelbert and the Panda.

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