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In this edition of the Montessori at Home Guide series, you, the parent or caregiver, get 101 practical activities to help your 2-6 year old learn in a Montessori-inspired way. A. M. Sterling's 101 Montessori-Inspired Activities for Children Ages 2-6 contains favorite activities along with activities submitted for inclusion by well-known Montessori bloggers such as Anastasia of the Montessori Nature blog, Diane from the When Hippos Talk blog, and more. This easy-to-understand guide is created to quickly fill your child's learning environment with activities that help them attain and sharpen these necessary skills: gross and fine motor, cognitive, logic, dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and more. These activities also teach practical life skills, including self-care and care of the environment, as well as getting children started in food preparation. For each activity in this book, there will soon be released an associated children's story book. Each of the 101 children's story books will be Montessori inspired. The books will be based on the lives of real children, teaching respect for other cultures. They will contain, not only real life situations that a child can learn from, but the main character in each story will complete an activity from this book to possibly generate interest. We feel that these Montessori-inspired children's story books will be an excellent complement to the resource we hope this activity book can become for you. Montessori learning is gaining popularity across the globe as more and more Montessori schools open. The Montessori at Home Guide series helps you bring this incredibly effective way of learning home as well. You love you children and want to give them the very best. Give them the best learning method to achieve their true potential. Give your children the gift of Montessori. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Andreina Byrne. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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